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I am a Brooklyn-based writer and reporter. I’m currently working on stories for The Washington PostContently, and Gawker.

My background is in broadcasting and digital strategy. Most recently I conducted an investigative report on gun straw purchasing for Contently and Gawker. This spring I reported from Cairo for Small World News. Our team trained a group of Arabic-speaking Sudanese activists on the fundamentals of storytelling using mobile devices. Early in my career I worked as an FM rock radio jock, and AM news talk radio reporter. During and after college I paid some dues as an intern and a field marketing representative for Capitol and Warner Brothers records. While living in the Black Hills I was an early podcaster and Odeo user, and first used Twitter as a reporting tool during the 2006 midterm election. As a result of my digital coverage I was hired by the Talk Radio News Service and assigned to the United Nations for several years. Later I worked as the digital platform manager for ABC News Radio and built web tools that are still in use. As a reporter I have purchased slaves in Darfur, filed from the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, and reported from Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, and the Emirates. My work has been published by Gawker, Contently, The Washington Post, Wired, and ABC News. I sometimes appear on tech programs like the Daily Tech News Show, and This Week in Tech. I have about 1.3 million followers across the social web, and occasionally I speak about media and technology at events like SXSW, Talkers, and Blogworld.

I publish status updates to Twitter, my project history is here, and my LinkedIn is here.



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