My first media gig was as a teenager, delivering the morning Cedar Rapids Gazette. My first byline, published a few years later, was a music review for the same paper. I attended college in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, and worked in a number of roles for KBHU, our campus radio station. I was also an FM rock radio disc jockey, and interned as a field marketing rep for Capital Records.

From 2002-2004 I cut my teeth in music working for recording studios, small record labels, and bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. I returned to South Dakota and began podcasting in late-2004. In the early days of podcasting we spent almost as much time hand-coding XML as cutting audio. We were passionate, but not very sophisticated. Eventually technology caught up. The Juice podcaster, an early podcast reciever, was eventually replaced by Odeo, then iTunes. By 2006 our show was part of a national podcast network, and appeared occasionally on Sirius Satellite Radio. Our show was the first podcast and blog credentialed by the state during the midterm election.

In 2007 I moved to New York and worked as a correspondent for the Talk Radio News Service. Our team produced radio rows, reported from conflict regions, and coded early PHP-based websites for talk radio stations. After the 2008 election I spent several years as a digital producer and reporter for ABC News. At ABC I started the first Twitter and social media accounts for the network, produced podcasts, and developed a website that serves affiliate stations with news content.

After ABC I worked for several small startups, including my own. None were successful, but I had the opportunity to work with talented developers, and learned the mechanics of venture-backed business.

Today I work for CBS Interactive and write about business technology for TechRepublic.

I've been a member of the UN Correspondents Association since August 2007, and have used both traditional and new media to report from the United Nations, national campaigns and elections, Africa and the Middle East, and events like CES, SXSW, and Comic Con. I covered the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2008, 2012, and 2016, filed from conflict regions including Darfur, and taught encryption tactics to media-makers in Cairo. My work has been published by TechRepublic, CNET, ZDNet, Inter Press Service, Gawker Media, the Contently Foundation, The Washington Post, ABC News, the Talk Radio News Service, and other outlets. In 2015 a story I reported for Contently won the Donald Robinson Award for Investigative Journalism.

I live in Brooklyn, drink coffee, and play Go.


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