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Shop.TheZombieApocalypse.Com Lives! Alongside our zombie blogThe Zombie Apocalypse ecommerce shop compliments the essential zombie apocalypse survival community.

At launch, we’re offering t-shirts inspired by community designs.

  • The Survive On t-shirt is our inaugural shirt, and features The Zombie Apocalypse official logo.
  • The Zombie On t-shirt is a community submission, and will be soon be featured in a blog-focused submission contest.

Our shop is powered by Shopify, and merchandising is delivered through Merchify. Both are very cool, smart companies that understand scalable ecommerce. Our data and metrics are powered by NYC-based data firm SumAll.

Although we’re starting with t-shirts, both of these designs will soon be included on coffee mugs, posters, and laptop skins. We’re currently working with members of our forums to create more zombie apocalypse merch and designs.

This summer, our team will release an ebook that fleshes out the universe of The Zombie Apocalypse. By purchasing a t-shrit you help us pay our writers and keep the servers alive.

Thanks for listening and tuned for more killer zombie apocalypse survival merch.

Keep calm. Zombie on!


Announcing: The Zombie Apocalypse Limited Edition Hoodie



Announcing: The Zombie Apocalypse Limited Edition Hoodie

The Zombie Apocalypse is proud to announce our pre-release limited-edition hoodie!

These premium American Apparel hoodies are designed by and made for The Zombie Apocalypse community. Proudly embossed with the The Zombie Apocalypse Z logo, The Zombie Apocalypse pre-release hoodie will be available through Teespring as soon our goal of 175 commitments is reached!

The Zombie Apocalypse pre-release hoodie for women and men is the perfect way to show your support of The Zombie Apocalypse during brisk spring weather! Funds raised from sales of The Zombie Apocalypse hoodie go directly to help pay our writers and keep the servers running!

Bonus: Each survivor to submit a photo of her or himself wearing The Zombie Apocalypse hoodie will be featured and thanked on our large (170k followers and growing) zombie blog!

Keep calm. Survive on. Fight Zombies!

OLIVIA! Can we get these hoodies!?

A Note About Zombies, Weapons, and Voilence

Link: A Note About Zombies, Weapons, and Voilence


The Zombie Apocalypse

Dear survivors of the zombie apocalypse (and everyone else):

Surely we all love the notion of surviving the zombie apocalypse. We’re human. We want to live. We want our friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers to survive the zombie apocalypse, and the preceding days.

Survival means a lot of things. We tend to think of the zombie apocalypse as a great methaphor and (sometimes) fun fantasy. Movies, comic books, and blogs like this are tons of fun, and can also help us better understand the ourselves and the human condition.

To that end, we love encouraging creative preparation for the zombie apocalypse, and have some fun plans for this site!

However, we are very aware that violence is inherent to the zombie genre. We get that in this genere there will always be fantastical portrayals of violence against zombies, and violence in a non-hateful context.

In times like these, culture – video games, movies, the internet – is often blamed for encouraging and glorifying weapons and violent acts. 

We’d like to take a small stand, raise the issue, and make it clear that this blog, it’s authors, and owner discourage violence against humans in all forms. We will not allow this site to become a haven for those who fetishize violence and weapons. 

We encourage smart creativity, and we discourage base-level thinking. So: keep up the great zombie apocalypse survival tips submissions, and stay smart!

Thanks for following The Zombie Apocalypse.

Keep Calm. Carry On. Stay Alive.

 – DHP 

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Update:

Link: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Update:



News From The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse:

1.) The site relaunch is coming soon!
2.) We’re launching a zombie apocalypse survival store! Yeah, really. We’ll start small – with zombie apocalypse survival essentials. But eventually grow to become the essential resource for all things related to the survival of the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

More details soon! Keep your eyes alive and peeled to The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse!

What Are The Items Necessary For Survival Of The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse?


The Zombie Community on Google+

Link: The Zombie Community on Google+


Dear Zombie Apocalypse Survivors:

This site will remain our primary zombie community.

However, we really enjoy sharing news, updates, and zombie links on Google+. To that end, should all else fail during the inevitable zombie apocalypse, join our community on Google+.


Would You Join A Zombie Apocalypse Survivors Team?

Link: Would You Join A Zombie Apocalypse Survivors Team?


imageBig changes are coming soon to The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

We’re giving this blog a new coat of paint, organizing the most useful zombie apocalypse survival posts, and (most importantly) gathering forces to create a zombie apocalypse survival team.

How to get involved: If you think you’ve got what it takes to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse:

  • Sign up to the zombie email list. We will never, ever spam you. This email list is only for essential survivor information. 
  • Reblog and/or comment on this post.
  • Submit your details and why you think you’d make a good survivor to The Inevitable Apocalypse contact page.

We’re looking for the smartest, most skilled, and most loyal survivors.  The zombie apocalypse is inevitable. But with YOUR help we can beat the zombie menace once and for all.

Are you in? Survivors: Stand Up!


What’s The Best Way To Answer Zombie Questions?

Link: What’s The Best Way To Answer Zombie Questions?


Dear survivors of the inevitable zombie apocalypse:

You’re the most committed and intelligent group of zombie apocalypse survivors on the web!

We love your submissions and answering your zombie-related questions. We get a ton of submissions and we do our best to answer every question. But we do understand that answering a bunch of questions can clog your dash and clutter the front page.

The new zombie website, store, and mobile app is coming soon and we want to make sure that we super-serve you, the zombie apocalypse survivors.

What’s the best way to ask and answer question on this website?

Thanks, and stay tuned!


The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse Joins KoPoint


The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse Joins KoPoint

Dearest followers of the inevitable zombie apocalypse:

Our wonderful zombie blog is officially joining the legendary and award-winning series of life lessons known to the world as KoPoint! As this site was founded by and has always been maintained by the KoPoint folks, not much will change. But we did want to make it official!

In the next few weeks we’ll give this site a new coat of paint, release our awesome zombie store, and drop a mobile app. But the awesome zombie survival info will remain the same.

Thanks for following the inevitable zombie apocalypse and here’s to the future!