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Shop The Zombie Apocalypse


Link: Shop The Zombie Apocalypse theinevitablezombieapocalypse: Shop.TheZombieApocalypse.Com Lives! Alongside our zombie blog, The Zombie Apocalypse ecommerce shop compliments the essential zombie apocalypse survival community. At launch, we’re offering t-shirts inspired by community designs. The Survive On t-shirt is our inaugural shirt, and features The Zombie Apocalypse official logo. The Zombie On t-shirt […]

Announcing: The Zombie Apocalypse Limited Edition Hoodie

colourmylifewithpossibilities: theinevitablezombieapocalypse: Announcing: The Zombie Apocalypse Limited Edition Hoodie The Zombie Apocalypse is proud to announce our pre-release limited-edition hoodie! These premium American Apparel hoodies are designed by and made for The Zombie Apocalypse community. Proudly embossed with the The Zombie Apocalypse Z logo, The Zombie Apocalypse pre-release hoodie will be available through Teespring as soon our goal of 175 commitments […]

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Update:

Link: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Update: theinevitablezombieapocalypse: News From The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse: 1.) The site relaunch is coming soon!2.) We’re launching a zombie apocalypse survival store! Yeah, really. We’ll start small – with zombie apocalypse survival essentials. But eventually grow to become the essential resource for all things related to the […]

The Zombie Community on Google+

Link: The Zombie Community on Google+ theinevitablezombieapocalypse: Dear Zombie Apocalypse Survivors: This site will remain our primary zombie community. However, we really enjoy sharing news, updates, and zombie links on Google+. To that end, should all else fail during the inevitable zombie apocalypse, join our community on Google+.

What’s The Best Way To Answer Zombie Questions?


Link: What’s The Best Way To Answer Zombie Questions? theinevitablezombieapocalypse: Dear survivors of the inevitable zombie apocalypse: You’re the most committed and intelligent group of zombie apocalypse survivors on the web! We love your submissions and answering your zombie-related questions. We get a ton of submissions and we do our […]

The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse Joins KoPoint

theinevitablezombieapocalypse: The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse Joins KoPoint Dearest followers of the inevitable zombie apocalypse: Our wonderful zombie blog is officially joining the legendary and award-winning series of life lessons known to the world as KoPoint! As this site was founded by and has always been maintained by the KoPoint folks, […]


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