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Conversational Passport: An Interview with App.Net Founder Dalton Caldwell

Dan Patterson:

An audio and video interview with App.Net founder Dalton Caldwell.

Originally posted on KoPoint:

In which I discuss social platforms and technology culture with entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Dalton cut his tech teeth by building streaming networking imeem. At imeem Dalton experienced great success, and tremendous setbacks. At it’s peak, imeem had close to 30 million users. After years of legal battles, the company folded in to Myspace.

Dalton was discouraged, but learned how to adapt in Silicone Valley. In addition to being a passionate evangelist  for transparent business, Dalton is the founder of App.Net, a developer and community-focused social platform. After observing Twitter’s shift from a developer model to an advertising model, Dalton launched App.Net as a for-pay platform. Today, App.Net supports a vibrant community, and more closely resembles a social app ecosystem than a Twitter clone.

In this interview, recorded initially as a Google+ Hangout video, Dalton and I discuss his evolution as a technologist and…

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KoPoint: AFK On Air, EP 5 – Geek Gifting, Pt 2



AFK On Air, EP 5 – Geek Gifting, Pt 2

“I like to win Christmas.” Quotes Lindsay from Parks and Recreation

In wrapping up the art of gift giving, Stacey has prepared some themed gift guides for your inspiration this holiday season! Find guides for the Jedi, animal lover, geek bling fanatic, and more in your life on AFKonAir.com.

This episode we Fan Girl Flail over the Les Mis movie, we face Michele’s biggest gifting fear as Lindsay ambushes us with gifts, we ask how Stacey’s first Xmas as a Jew is going, and check it out! we’ve extended the gift giveaway deadline! Call it the holiday spirit, or call it the technical difficulties, but get us your entries by Midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning! Follow us on Tumblr and reply to the item of your choosing below:

Star Wars AT-AT (Unpossible Cuts): What should the title of Star Wars: Episode VII be? ** WE NOW HAVE 4 NECKLACES! (AT-AT, Storm Trooper Helmet, Rebel Alliance logo, & Imperial logo

Iron Man Shot Glass (Coventry Decor): Send us your favorite Robert Downey, Jr. GIFs!

My Little Pony Ornament (Nerd Freakin Tastic): Who will the next Villain of Friendship be?

Arrested Development Keychain (Peachy Apricot): Caption this photo of Buster.

Zombie Gingerbread Man Ornament (My Zombie Friends): It’s the zombie apocalypse! Answer all three questions: 1) Who do you bring with you? 2) What weapon do you choose? 3) Where do you go?

Wonder Woman Jewelry (Graphic Novelties): Whose ass should Wonder Woman kick next? (Bonus points if the person in question also does not wear pants.)

Tesla “Heroes of Science” Ornament (Eavesmade): Write a Tesla-inspired haiku.

Note Happy Bows (Note Happy): Caption this photo of Aretha Franklin’s BAMF bow hat.

Learn more at KoPoint.

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KoPoint: AFK On Air, EP 4 – Geek Gift Giveaway, Part 1



AFK On Air, EP 4 – Geek Gift Giveaway, Part 1


“We don’t know our families at all!”
“Welcome to the holidays.”

Let the AFK On Air co-hosts be your geeky gift gurus this year! We
discuss pudding wrestling, how to nail a hand made holiday card, gifts
gone wrong, how to recognize the dulcet tones of disappointment, and
when to tell someone they’ve given you a dud. Is gift
giving genetic? We believe you CAN be TAUGHT!

Listen to this special holiday episode for rules and guidelines for
our AFK On Air giveaways, and send us your entries by Midnight THIS
SATURDAY, Dec 8th! Winners will be announced on Tuesday, Dec 11th,
amidst gift giving advice! submit your tough gift quandaries and we
will discuss as we give away Christmas Tree Ornaments, geek chic
jewelry, and other type sundries!

Beware, gratuitous puns ahead!

Find more shows like this on KoPoint.

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KoPoint: Lost Subtlety Julien Smith



Lost Subtlety

Julien Smith

“Louder is not the answer. More is not the answer. The important moments in life happen with your friends and by yourself. Nothing important won an Academy Award. If everything in life is getting louder, I’m getting quiet.”

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AFK On Air, EP 2 – Cosplay #KoPoint #AFK #On #Air

Pre-show Playlist: Public Enemy. Bring the noise!

Created with cinemagr.am

Via @afkonair:

Tonight AFK introduces Cosplay! Join us at 8pm for Episode 2 on live stream right here!

Live from KoPoint

Special thanks to Bonfyre 

Audio: AFK On-Air, EP 01 – Pilot: Fandom


AFK On-Air, EP 01 – Pilot: Fandom

via @kopoint:

The pilot episode of AFK On-Air: Obsessions explored; tropes dissected; geek questions answered. Conversation away from the keyboard, between your ears, in your head.

– Stacey Brook
– Lindsay Johnson
– Lauren Panepinto”
– Michele Reznik
– Natalie Zutter

Recorded live in studio and streamed as a video Hangout via the KoPoint Google+ feed.

Thanks for listening.

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What Is A Radio Row?

This short video filmed during the 2012 DNC explains how talk radio rows work. A radio row is a place where a variety of talk show hots come together to broadcast on different events.

Produced by Giancarlo Gonzalez and Zach Schwartz for Talk Radio News

Bill Hicks on Marketing

Thank god for Bill Hicks. Another dead hero.

By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising…kill yourself. Thank you. Just planting seeds, planting seeds is all I’m doing. No joke here, really. Seriously, kill yourself, you have no rationalisation for what you do, you are Satan’s little helpers. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Now, back to the show. Seriously, I know the marketing people: ‘There’s gonna be a joke comin’ up.’ There’s no fuckin’ joke. Suck a tail pipe, hang yourself…borrow a pistol from an NRA buddy, do something…rid the world of your evil fuckin’ presence.

Unfortunately Necessary Disclaimer: Needless to say the above is satire, a joke, humor.

SoMe and Loren Feldman – Audio and Video Interview

The below audio and video interview was recently posted on A New Domain.

Yesterday I sat down in the KoPoint studio with friend and comrade, Loren Feldman. Using Kickstarter, Loren is raising money with the intent to create a documentary about the characters involved with the early days of social media.

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Super Tuesday Video


Is Super Tuesday Really All That Super?


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