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Blogging Redux

I have remapped my blog and shifted my personal publishing platform from to Tumblr. While this is simply a small structural note, it also represents a shift in my thinking about my presence on and relationship to the social web. While I enjoy building and playing with web infrastructure […]

Google Plus frames Tumblr in a wonderful light. Facebook is the sanitary home for mainstream social media, Twitter is the hard-to-use but ‘deep’ network, and (currently) Plus is the network for tech, media, and early-adopters (this, of course, will change to compete with the mainstream nature of Facebook). Tumblr remains my (OUR) quirky, weird, fun, young, cultural, and energetic Home on the web. And thank fucking god for that.  joshsternberg:
As I continue to use (or, really, learn how to use) Google+, I’ve become interested in how brands will be using the platform. Brands/companies have Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, but as of yet, I don’t think they have a presence on Tumblr (outside of media companies – but there’s a slight… 

The Longest Week: As I continue to use (or, really, learn how to use) Google+, I’ve…


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