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Writer, Editor – aNewDomain [dot] net


Today I’m excited to join the editorial staff of aNewDomain [dot] net.  aNewDomain is an exploration of technology culture founded by great tech luminaries (and TWiT cohorts) Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak, Eric Mack, and BYTE senior technologist Dr. Jerry Pournelle. My emphasis at aNewDomain will be editing and writing […]

SXSW ’12, the Quick and Dirty Takeaway: “He Had A Lot To Say”


Over the past few years the scale of SXSW has changed the event. The experience of reconnecting with friends and colleagues seems to have melted like whiskey-glass ice and resulted in a diluted experience.

Lines at SXSWi 2012. That said, SXSW Interactive is still a lot of fun, particularly for marketers seeking spring break while on the clock. I met a ton of super people, reconnected with old friends, networked like a truly terrible bastard, uttered many vulgarities at top volume (with and without whiskey), and moderated a panel on the future of work.


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