Hacking Explained: Jack Rice and Dan Patterson on Progressive AM 950

Download Audio Jack and Dan discuss a brief history of hacking, explain how the NSA captured personal user data from major internet providers, and provide a few essential security tips for the web and mobile on Minnesota’s progressive talk station, AM 950. Learn more about about the NSA from expert James Bamford, and security from … Continue reading Hacking Explained: Jack Rice and Dan Patterson on Progressive AM 950


When podcasting emerged in 2003 and 2004, I was the right person at the right place in the my life: young, broke, and ambitious. I co-created and hosted a show for many years, and watched the medium explode, then quickly fade. Initially podcasting seemed to define flash-in-the-pan tech. The medium was hip, then hyped, then forgotten in the span of about 18 months. Many – myself included, for a time – were disappointed, and moved on to other things.

The KoPoint News Hot Clock

Originally posted on KoPoint:
The KoPoint Soundboard and Clock Each week KoPoint works to iterate and improve our audio product. First we built the infrastructure (January, Febuary), then we built the studio (March). Next we produced and released shows (April, May). In late-May and early-June we bagan recording live-to-tape. This means that we included all…

The KoPoint Show Creation Process

Originally posted on KoPoint:
Hi there. KoPoint launched in early-2012, and we’ve been creating shows on a regular basis for almost two months solid. We record shows five days per week, and I spend every day of week editing and writing. I work closely with small teams of content creators to produce fun, topical, episodic discussions.…

KoPoint Shows, Season One

A few thoughts on the first few weeks of producing KoPoint programs, via KoPoint Shows, Season One. KoPoint just accomplished one of our first major content-focused goals. We produce shows in ‘seasons’ of six episodes. Yesterday The KoPoint Comic Book Show reached episode 006, concluding our first successful season. Co-hosted by Jeff Newelt, Jon Lazar, and myself KoPoint Comics was our first produced … Continue reading KoPoint Shows, Season One

The Future: Laws To Live By

Hi there. Over the past few days I’ve contemplated composing a number of ‘what traditional media can learn from the web’-type posts. I left my traditional-media comfort zone not to pursue a new job, but rather to create content that I believe in. After scrapping a number of justifiably snarky posts, I realized that I have little desire to linger in the past. Instead I will marginalize negative feelings in favor of tightening my future focus.

Coverage: Voices of September 11th

Along with the @abcnewsradio team I helped to cover the 10-year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. I manned the social media ‘desk.’ Using a Google Voice number, followers shared short audio memories of September 11th. I pruned and edited the audio submissions then uploaded each to Soundcloud. During the ceremony I slowly released short segments via … Continue reading Coverage: Voices of September 11th