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SoMe and Loren Feldman – Audio and Video Interview

The below audio and video interview was recently posted on A New Domain.

Yesterday I sat down in the KoPoint studio with friend and comrade, Loren Feldman. Using Kickstarter, Loren is raising money with the intent to create a documentary about the characters involved with the early days of social media.

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Writer, Editor – aNewDomain [dot] net

Today I’m excited to join the editorial staff of aNewDomain [dot] net.  aNewDomain is an exploration of technology culture founded by great tech luminaries (and TWiT cohorts) Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak, Eric Mack, and BYTE senior technologist Dr. Jerry Pournelle. My emphasis at aNewDomain will be editing and writing about technology in politics, culture, and media. And probably zombies.

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SXSW ’12, the Quick and Dirty Takeaway: “He Had A Lot To Say”

The following post is a bullet summary and A New Domain reprint review of the 2012 SXSW Interactive conference.


I have recently returned from the sin and SWAG-filled series of life lessons known to the world as #SXSW Interactive 2012. I experienced much and may have learned a few things.

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The Primary Explainer Podcast

The GOP nomination contest marches on. While the process is eight weeks and several contests further from New Hampshire, we’re no closer to understanding who the GOP nominee will be.

But thanks to the hard work of William ‘Doc’ Stodden, Christopher Poirier, and their comrades-in-amateur-punditry we are able to understand the primary process a bit better. For KoPoint, Doc and his team have assembled a great series of political explainer podcasts.

This is my second presidential campaign and I’m far from a seasoned veteran. This campaign, like 2008, never stuck to the standard script. However, I’m learning slowly that some components of covering a campaign remain static: boring stump speeches, hotel rooms, bars full of tired reporters, filing centers, crappy coffee. Below are a few audio reports filed while on the road this season.

Social/Media Campaign 2012

In 2007 and 2008, during the emergence of social media, I covered the presidential campaign for the Talk Radio News Service. Tomorrow I depart for a few weeks on the road covering the 2012 campaign.

Some of my time  – particularly early in the primary process – will be spent creating content independently for the KoPoint Wire. I’ll also do some fun stuff alongside SoundCloud, Talk Radio News, Americans Elect, and a few smaller organizations. Twitter and Google+ will be my primary status platforms, I’ll push audio reports and tour thoughts to my SoundCloud account, use Tumblr to curate campaign related social news, post photos and snapshots to Instagram, and summarize social campaign content with Storify.

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Iowa Caucus Political Explainer Podcast

I’ll be live, on-location through the primary season. Really looking forward listening to @DocStodden’s Political Explainer podcasts.


Produced for KoPoint Stories by Doc Stodden  Political Director of KoPoint.

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This inaugural edition of the KoPoint Political Explainer covers everything you need to know about the Iowa Caucuses, including what is actually going on in Iowa tonight, who Ron Paul is, What are the major issues facing the potential winner of the General Election in November, what a conservative is, and why We should pay attention to Iowa. Voice credits include Doc Stodden, (Host) Mallary Allen, John Hansen and Victor Moses as supporting voices.Barry Goldwater also makes an appearance.

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Interviews: ‘It’s Time To Talk’ Liz Claiborne Domestic Violence Awareness Radio Row

The following interviews were conducted on Thursday, December 8th at Liz Claiborne’s ‘It’s Time To Talk’ domestic violence awareness radio row. Hosted in conjunction with Talkers Magazine and run by Talk Radio News the annual event is designed to raise awareness about domestic violence and teen dating violence issues by connecting journalists with health and social workers,  volunteers, and policy makers.

The Future: Laws To Live By

Fear is one of the most negative emotions. It can immobilize the best of people … fear is another form of mind static.

- Diamond’s Laws

Hi there. Over the past few days I’ve contemplated composing a number of ‘what traditional media can learn from the web’-type posts. I left my traditional-media comfort zone not to pursue a new job, but rather to create content that I believe in. After scrapping a number of  justifiably snarky posts, I realized that I have little desire to linger in the past. Instead I will marginalize negative feelings in favor of tightening my future focus.

Have faith in yourself. Keep your mind on good thoughts and your actions based on wisdom and reason. To be successful and happy don’t waste time. Worry is an energy rip-off.  It does no good to worry. It causes nervousness and disease. Solve the problem rather than worry

Hello World: I Have Resigned From ABC News.


I have resigned from ABC News and today, Friday, November 18th, will be my final day in the office of ABC News Radio. January 13th, 2012 will be the final day of employment by ABC News.

I am humbled by and grateful for my experience at ABC News, and humbled by and grateful to my colleagues-in-journalism and the lessons they have taught me.

I will now run a company called KoPoint, INC. KoPoint will aggressively pursue its agenda.

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In-Game Shared History: A Conversation on Games and MMOs

A structured conversation on gaming and MMO’s

Podcaster Stuart Tracte and web designer Josh Wolff share a unique history: though both only recently met IRL, both have logged thousands of hours – literally hundreds of  days – inside World of Warcraft, the world’s most successful MMO.

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