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Link: Shop The Zombie Apocalypse theinevitablezombieapocalypse: Shop.TheZombieApocalypse.Com Lives! Alongside our zombie blog, The Zombie Apocalypse ecommerce shop compliments the essential zombie apocalypse survival community. At launch, we’re offering t-shirts inspired by community designs. The Survive On t-shirt is our inaugural shirt, and features The Zombie Apocalypse official logo. The Zombie On t-shirt […]

KoPoint Shows, Season One

KoPoint Studio - Microphones

A few thoughts on the first few weeks of producing KoPoint programs, via KoPoint Shows, Season One. KoPoint just accomplished one of our first major content-focused goals. We produce shows in ‘seasons’ of six episodes. Yesterday The KoPoint Comic Book Show reached episode 006, concluding our first successful season. Co-hosted by Jeff Newelt, Jon Lazar, and myself KoPoint […]


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