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The Iron Pipeline: Investigative Reporting with Contently Dot Org


I recently had the opportunity to work with Contently and StudioAtGawker on a long-form investigative story about gun trafficking on the so-called Iron Pipeline, a stretch of Interstate 95 that connects a number of major east coast cities. The reporting work was in conjunction with the launch of Contently Dot Org, a not-for-profit platform in support of investigative journalism.

For two months our team – editor Brad Hamilton, data journalist Sam Petulla, and Contently’s Sam Slaughter – conducted research, interviewed sources and experts, and crafted a story that attempts to humanize the realities of gun trafficking. I was the primary writer and reporter.

Angels of Death

Tiana never saw herself as a killer.
The daughter of a prostitute, she grew up in an inner city housing project surrounded by crack cocaine, day-time shootings and illicit money making. Hustling was in her family’s blood. Her grandmother ran an after-hours booze business from their apartment, selling bottles of beer and pints of liquor until three in the morning.

For Tiana, who was determined not to follow her mother into the sex trade, guns became the hustle.
Buying weapons for the men in her life—a practice that police call straw purchasing—was easy money.

“I hung out a lot with guys because I didn’t figure that women could teach me anything,” she told me. “Guys taught me … to deal with the street. And part of that was guns.”

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Learn more about Contently Dot Org.

Tall in the Saddle: Riding out a Blizzard with Black Hills Ranchers

After Losing Almost 100,000 Cattle to the Storm of the Century, South Dakota Ranchers Rebuild with Stoic Pride


I recently returned to my home of six years, the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. During my visit, the region was struck by a great and powerful blizzard.  The storm was massive and over the course of four days dumped almost four feet of snow, cut power to thousands, and killed almost 100,000 cattle on the open range.

I wrote about the experiencing the blizzard and the storm’s ongoing impact on local ranchers.

Here’s the Medium link: medium.com/better-humans/73e2ea86f518.

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Anticipating the Second Anniversary #Occupy Wall Street

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of #Occupy Wall Street. Here is a Pastebin link to a list of anticipated events: http://pastebin.com/H2unk9mT.

  1. 10 AM Occupy Wall Street S-17 PRESS EVENT: RE-CONNECTING WITH THE 99%-Opening Ceremony
  2. Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square)
  3. New York, New York

I’ll begin the day with a few social media reports from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, follow the initial march up town, and later in the day interview attorney and activist George Martinez.

My content will remain non-partisan and observational, and will consist primarily of Twitter postsInstagram snapshots, and Soundcloud audio. After the event I’ll create a summary post of events.

Summaries of my reports from previous years at #Occupy can be found here, as well as on Boing Boing and Storify.

Shop The Zombie Apocalypse

Link: Shop The Zombie Apocalypse


Shop.TheZombieApocalypse.Com Lives! Alongside our zombie blogThe Zombie Apocalypse ecommerce shop compliments the essential zombie apocalypse survival community.

At launch, we’re offering t-shirts inspired by community designs.

  • The Survive On t-shirt is our inaugural shirt, and features The Zombie Apocalypse official logo.
  • The Zombie On t-shirt is a community submission, and will be soon be featured in a blog-focused submission contest.

Our shop is powered by Shopify, and merchandising is delivered through Merchify. Both are very cool, smart companies that understand scalable ecommerce. Our data and metrics are powered by NYC-based data firm SumAll.

Although we’re starting with t-shirts, both of these designs will soon be included on coffee mugs, posters, and laptop skins. We’re currently working with members of our forums to create more zombie apocalypse merch and designs.

This summer, our team will release an ebook that fleshes out the universe of The Zombie Apocalypse. By purchasing a t-shrit you help us pay our writers and keep the servers alive.

Thanks for listening and tuned for more killer zombie apocalypse survival merch.

Keep calm. Zombie on!


KoPoint Shows, Season One

A few thoughts on the first few weeks of producing KoPoint programs, via KoPoint Shows, Season One.

KoPoint just accomplished one of our first major content-focused goals. We produce shows in ‘seasons’ of six episodes. Yesterday The KoPoint Comic Book Show reached episode 006, concluding our first successful season. Co-hosted by Jeff NeweltJon Lazar, and myself KoPoint Comics was our first produced and syndicated show and was first to reach it’s season milestone. KoPoint Weekly and The KoPoint Minecraft Project will reach similar goals this week.

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Coverage: Live from #OccupyWallStreet – Updated

Link: Coverage: Live from #OccupyWallStreet – Updated

About: This post summarizes (social)media reports from the #OccupyWallStreet protests in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan.

Update; Sept 25th: I spoke with many protesters, police…

Yesterday morning I took a private tour of World Trade One, or the “Freedom Tower” in lower Manhattan. Guided by Component Assembly Systems, a construction subcontractor on the building,…

Report: Inside the Freedom Tower

Watch Now Link: Live Video of Japan Earthquake Aftershock

Link: Watch Now Link: Live Video of Japan Earthquake Aftershock

Watch Now Link: Live Video of Japan Earthquake Aftershock

Watch Now Link: Live Video of Japan Earthquake Aftershock

Watch Now Link: Live Video of Japan Earthquake Aftershock


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