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We got the band back together for another podcast shout. Stay tuned.


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My name is @DanPatterson. I’m a journalist and technologist. No one has ever accused me of being witty, but I’ll try my best in the form of brevity:

The Redline is a podcast about politics and policy created by a few friends for the sake of creating something interesting together. Doc, Greg, and I have waxed geek and produced radio programs and podcasts together since the mid-1990s. While  The Redline [dot biz] is simply a fun and amateur project, our desire is to deliver interesting conversation and informative pod prod in a tight package.

We hope you like it. Thanks for listening.

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Occupy Legacy: George Martinez on How the Protest Should Move Forward

A conversation about what the #Occupy movement means today, and what it needs to do to survive.

There’s a hint of nostalgia in crisp September air. As the fall leaves show the first signs age, police, who far outnumber a few singing and chanting protesters, form a continuous ring around lower-Manhattan’s Zuccotti park. Today, #S17, is the second anniversary of events that inspired a season of protest across the country.

Today’s gathering at Zuccotti park was a demographic cross-section of previous years. The morning hours included a smattering of college-age protesters, neo-hippies, musicians, gutter-punks, and union organizers marching between various downtown protests. The General Assembly, a semi-regular meeting conducted as a unified chorus of synchronized shouts, was smaller than previous years, but is still a great spectacle and example of organizational ingenuity. The protests were no more rowdy than in the past, and the police I spoke with all agreed that in spite of a few arrests earlier in the week most demonstrators remained peaceful.

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Anticipating the Second Anniversary #Occupy Wall Street

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of #Occupy Wall Street. Here is a Pastebin link to a list of anticipated events:

  1. 10 AM Occupy Wall Street S-17 PRESS EVENT: RE-CONNECTING WITH THE 99%-Opening Ceremony
  2. Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square)
  3. New York, New York

I’ll begin the day with a few social media reports from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, follow the initial march up town, and later in the day interview attorney and activist George Martinez.

My content will remain non-partisan and observational, and will consist primarily of Twitter postsInstagram snapshots, and Soundcloud audio. After the event I’ll create a summary post of events.

Summaries of my reports from previous years at #Occupy can be found here, as well as on Boing Boing and Storify.


The Gabfest: An Interview with Slate’s Podcast Chief Andy Bowers

In which Andy Bowers reveals the history of Slate podcasting, how he grew a content empire, and the true origin of Slate’s anti-Panda agenda.

The New Oxford American Dictionary deemed ‘podcast’ the word of the year in 2005. During the early, hyped days of podcasting and ‘web 2.0′, tech companies raised money at crazy valuations, and were poised to break semi-famous hosts in to the mainstream, finally replacing a generation of cheeseball radio DJ’s.

And then nothing happened. A medium ahead of it’s time, early podcasting fizzled as quickly as it popped. Consumers were uninspired and confused, and traditional news organizations couldn’t successfully shoehorn old advertising models on to niche and deeply-vertical content. Podcasting was largely abandoned by many of it’s early evangelists and common wisdom stated that video and YouTube had won.

After a career covering politics for NPR, Andy Bowers moved to public radio’s cultural cousin Slate in 2003, and began work podcasting in 2005. Instead of getting lost in the hype, Bowers focused on creating shows that simply reflected Slate’s sparky editorial vibe.

An opinion-driven news magazine, Slate’s contributors follow the same ethical standards of traditional news organizations, but are also encouraged to form and fight for opinions. The initial impetus behind Slate podcasts was to capture this opinion-creation process on tape, and record this behind-the-scenes editorial chatter in a live discussion environment.

The format is simple: commentators from cultural verticals – Sports, Culture, and Politics – gather weekly in a round-table environment to discuss topical news. Slate hosts know the audience well, and programs often emphasize nuanced discussion over shocking clickbait. Success is derived from a balance of consistency, integrated live-read advertising, and informed banter.

Tight focus on smart conversation has helped Slate hosts develop intimate relationships with large audiences. During a recent live episode of the Political Gabfest in New York City  fan and subscriber Stephen Colbert remarked on the personal bond between listeners and content, stating, “I’m so excited to be the fourth person at this little table.”

Andy Bowers’ strategy has worked. Slate programs grew slowly and consistently during podcasting’s post-hype years. Over the past decade, podcasting has matured organically. Like Slate, personalities like Marc Maron, Jesse Thorn, Kevin Smith, and Leo Laporte all leverage the the medium’s inherent intimacy to talk with large audiences. And Slate  has become a cultural proving ground for ambitious personalities, professional athletes, politicos, and fellow podcasters.

In conversation, Andy is as cool and consistent as his content strategy. He’s somehow managed to grow an innovative product by avoiding the hype  and hyperbole of technology. Listen, as we discuss his formula for success.

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KoPoint Season Three | Beer Diplomacy, EP 113 – Mad Diplomacy


KoPoint Season Three | Beer Diplomacy, EP 113 – Mad Diplomacy

I had a blast recording this episode. After two full seasons (and leaning in to Season Three now), and 18 months of recording, KoPoint has really started to hit it’s stride (minus that really annoying slight background audio hum – I’ve been trying to dial out that machine ghost for ages…). Our quality programming is in large part due to great shows like Beer Diplomacy. Stuart has booked a ton of great guests for this season, and launching Season Three with Dick DeBartolo and Myq Kaplan is a great start!


Beer Diplomacy, EP 113 – Mad Diplomacy

Recorded on Feb. 4, 2013 at KoPoint Studios in NYC.

Host Stuart Tracte kicks off KoPoint Season Three with Myq Kaplan, Dick DeBartolo, and Dan Patterson!

The first official Beer Diplomacy episode of 2013, with legendary humorist & gadget guy Dick DeBartolo and comedian Myq Kaplan. And: Producer/Engineer Dan Patterson finally gets a mic! This week, Stuart ( & guests discuss gun control (yet again), the perils of waiting tables, the perils of smoking synthetic pot, and the perils of viewing bad super bowl commercials.

See the entire docket at

Find more shows like this on KoPoint.

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Podcasting From KoPoint on Election Night

Originally posted on KoPoint:

After a long and dirty trail, the campaign ends here, with KoPoint‘s live election night coverage.

This audio and video podcast summarizes peak moments of election coverage from the KoPoint studio in New York City.

Election night highlights include:

We were joined by our friends, colleagues in media, significant others, and the fine folks of our studio host,SumAll. Here’s a list of the KoPoint contributors  who joined KoPoint on-air on election night:

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KoPoint Election Coverage

Link: KoPoint Election Coverage


KoPoint will host live broadcast election coverage event on Tuesday, November 6th. Our broadcast will begin on around 5pm ET. The event will be hosted on Google+ and streamed as a Hangout.

More information on the KoPoint blog:

Official website:


KoPoint Election Coverage

Originally posted on KoPoint:

KoPoint will a host live broadcast election coverage event on Tuesday, November 6th. Our broadcast will begin on around 5pm ET. The event will be hosted on Google+ and streamed as a Hangout.

Production on the election show is underway:

We’ll begin our coverage with a short American Convesration podcast episode.  As the evening progresses, we’ll weave our own in-studio commentary with YouTube music video and campaign video playlists. Via Hangouts we’ll connect with the community, our friends, and partners. Please feel free to contribute your favorite political clips and music videos, and dial-in to the election event page for more details.

We have some cool partners:

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