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Development Update: Moved to WordPress [dot] com

Hi there.  A quick development update.  I’ve moved my primary domain, blog, and content to Over the past few years I’ve used a number of commercial and self-hosted publishing platforms.  I maintain a dedicated-virtual server that powers the websites for friends as well as my Rails and PHP development projects. I’ll […]

Website Update

Hi.  Welcome to the most recent iteration of my website.  This is the first significant infrastructural change to my web architecture and associated technologies in two years. **Please Note ** This site was developed on a staging server. I’ve done my best to correct broken links, copy, images, and media […]

ABC News Radio on Slacker = Headline News + Mobile

Today @abcnewsradio – my team at ABC News – launched a partnership with a mobile audio/radio/music company called Slacker Radio. @SlackerRadio is an app (this is an iTunes link, though the app is also available on Blackberry, Android, and a number of other devices) that – much like Pandora – streams music and audio based on a a personalized recommendation engine…


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