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Occupy Legacy: George Martinez on How the Protest Should Move Forward

A conversation about what the #Occupy movement means today, and what it needs to do to survive.

There’s a hint of nostalgia in crisp September air. As the fall leaves show the first signs age, police, who far outnumber a few singing and chanting protesters, form a continuous ring around lower-Manhattan’s Zuccotti park. Today, #S17, is the second anniversary of events that inspired a season of protest across the country.

Today’s gathering at Zuccotti park was a demographic cross-section of previous years. The morning hours included a smattering of college-age protesters, neo-hippies, musicians, gutter-punks, and union organizers marching between various downtown protests. The General Assembly, a semi-regular meeting conducted as a unified chorus of synchronized shouts, was smaller than previous years, but is still a great spectacle and example of organizational ingenuity. The protests were no more rowdy than in the past, and the police I spoke with all agreed that in spite of a few arrests earlier in the week most demonstrators remained peaceful.

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Manhattan From Brooklyn In The Spring

Lower-Manhattan From Brooklyn Heights On A Warm Spring Night

Multi-colored Empire State Building

Multi-colored Empire State Building

Photo: The Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower

NYC snow storm from Chelsea rooftop

NYC snow storm from Chelsea rooftop

NYC snow from the Brooklyn Promenade

NYC snow from the Brooklyn Promenade

Audio: Interview: Bre Pettis of Makerbot at TEDx Silicon Alley



Interview: Bre Pettis of Makerbot at TEDx Silicon Alley

Bre and Dan talk about the future of Makerbot and 3D Printing backstage at TEDx Silicon Alley.

Thanks for listening.

Audio Enclosure

Photo: TEDx Silicon Alley

TEDx Silicon Alley

Podcasting From TEDx Silicon Alley

Link: Podcasting From TEDx Silicon Alley

Tomorrow I will cover and report from @TEDx in NYC. What speakers interest you the most? How should we best use the access and content for KoPoint shows? 

Photo: Hurricane Sandy and Lower Manhattan

Sandy Kicking Lower Manhattan – From The Brooklyn Bridge


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