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1938 News | KoPoint

1938 News | KoPoint KoPoint comrade Loren Feldman has launched a simple and elegant news aggregation + commentary site called 1938 News. Loren’s 1938 brand is known for it’s brutally honest riffs on tech and culture. Anyone who knows Loren knows smart as hell, sharp as nails, and has the heart of a puppy […]

KoPoint News Podcast | KoPoint

KoPoint News Podcast | KoPoint. After weeks of practice we’re almost ready to go! KoPoint will be recording one of our first regular podcasts tonight. Marc Lizoain of Urtak and Dan Patterson of KoPoint will do a newsy and topical, question and answer program. Each week we’ll discuss a major topic in the news and use Urtak data to figure […]

GOP Delegate Count


kopoint: In the race for 1144 to secure the Republican nomination all four GOP candidates still have plenty to go to be home free. Mitt Romney currently leads the pack with roughly 432 secured and/or estimated (due to non-binding caucus events), Rick Santorum in second with nearly 182 secured and/or… […]

Slate: How Do You Rig a Straw Poll?

Link: Slate: How Do You Rig a Straw Poll? kopoint: Answer: buy all of the seats in the house. Great election character analysis from @Slate: Straw polls, by definition, are nonbinding, so they have fewer rules than do real elections. And unlike opinion polls conducted by national organizations such as […]


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