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Coverage: Live from #OccupyWallStreet – Updated

About: This post summarizes (social)media reports from the #OccupyWallStreet protests in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. A real-time summary can be found on Storify.

Update; Sept 25th: I spoke with many protesters, police officers, journalists, bloggers, and bystanders. I documented my experience on Twitter and Google+. The quick and dirty takeaway is that the protest as a unit is smaller and less focused than the media hype would have you believe. Yet many protesters, as individuals, are well-educated, articulate, and share a common frustration with the economy, lack of socialized health care, and Wall Street “gambling.”

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Coverage: Voices of September 11th

Along with the @abcnewsradio team I helped to cover the 10-year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. I manned the social media ‘desk.’ Using a Google Voice number, followers shared short audio memories of September 11th. I pruned and edited the audio submissions then uploaded each to Soundcloud. During the ceremony I slowly released short segments via Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.  

Christiane Amanpour Reports from Libya on ‘This Week’

Christiane Amanpour, host of ABC’s ‘This Week’, traveled to Libya and interviewed Gadhafi’s son.  Additional reporting from Jake Tapper in Washington, D.C. on the Wisconsin labor crisis.

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From @abcnewsradio:

In this episode…Christiane Amanpour travels to Libya where she acquires exclusive interviews with two of Gadhafi’s sons.  Also, Jake Tapper hosts a Roundtable about the trouble in Wisconsin with Governors Niki Haley, Jan Brewer, Deval Patrick, and  John Hickenlooper.

The United Nations on Libya – Statements from the Secretary-General and Security Council

Last night the United Nations Security Council issued a statement on Libya.  This morning the United Nations office for the spokesperson for the Security General, Ban Ki-moon, issed a statement on Libya.

You can view the Security Council statement in English here and in Arabic here.

Mr. Ban’s statement in english is below.


New York, 26 February 2011

Madame President,
Distinguished Members of the Council,

Let me express my appreciation to the Security Council for its work today.

I welcome the resolution you have just adopted unanimously. While it cannot, by itself, end the violence and the repression, it is a vital step, a clear expression of the will of a united community of nations.

The actions taken by the regime in Libya are clear cut violations of all norms governing international behaviour and serious transgressions of international human rights and humanitarian law. They are unacceptable. It is of great importance that the Council in response has reached the consensus and is determined to uphold its responsibilities for the maintenance of international peace and security.
When I addressed this Council yesterday, I noted that fundamental issues of peace and stability are at stake across the Arab world, and that our collective challenge is how to provide real protection and halt the ongoing violence. I urged you to consider all options for action. You have now done so, in a wide-ranging resolution.

The text sends a strong message that gross violations of basic human rights will not be tolerated, and that those responsible for grave crimes will be held accountable. I hope the message is heard, and heeded, by the regime in Libya. I hope it will also bring hope and relief to those still at risk. The sanctions you have imposed are a necessary step to speed the transition to a new system of governance that will have the consent and participation of the people.

For my part, I will continue to monitor the situation closely and remain in close touch with world and regional leaders to ensure their support for swift and concrete international action.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my solidarity with the people of Libya as they brave the bloodshed and as they cope with possible shortages of food and medical supplies and other humanitarian impacts. As the Libyan people take their destiny into their hands, as is their right, I hope that the new future for which they yearn, peaceful, prosperous and democratic, will soon be theirs.

I commend the Security Council for its decisive action today. In the days ahead, we will look for similarly decisive steps from the UN General Assembly and the international community as a whole.

Today’s measures are tough. In the coming days, if needed even bolder action may become necessary.

Thank you.

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-02-13

creepysleepy: Weekend Revolution Playlist – RBG

creepysleepy: Weekend Revolution Playlist – RBG:

creepysleepy: In light of this week’s revolution in #Egypt we present Creepy Sleepy’s Weekend Revolution Playlist. It’s Revolutionary but Gangsta. Bring the noise. Thanks. – Creepy Sleepy Related…

“I announced that I will adhere to this position and I will also announce… I will continue to…”

“I announced that I will adhere to this position and I will also announce… I will continue to shoulder my responsibility, protecting the constitution and safeguarding the people… until September coming, in the fair and free elections where all the guarantees for transparency will be secured.”

President Hosni Mubarak (via pantslessprogressive)

LIVE: President #Mubarak to Address Egyptian People http://abcn.ws/9vZKCS #Egypt #Jan25

LIVE: President #Mubarak to Address Egyptian People http://abcn.ws/9vZKCS #Egypt #Jan25

“Twitter has been the main feeding point in this revolution.”

“Twitter has been the main feeding point in this revolution.”

@abcnewsradio’s Aaron Katersky reporting live, right now, in Cairo, Egypt.

Listen Live

(via abcnewsradio)

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-02-06


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