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KoPoint Shows, Season One

KoPoint Studio - Microphones

A few thoughts on the first few weeks of producing KoPoint programs, via KoPoint Shows, Season One. KoPoint just accomplished one of our first major content-focused goals. We produce shows in ‘seasons’ of six episodes. Yesterday The KoPoint Comic Book Show reached episode 006, concluding our first successful season. Co-hosted by Jeff Newelt, Jon Lazar, and myself KoPoint […]

Mitt Romney’s Attack Dog

Link: Mitt Romney’s Attack Dog Read this. Seriously. kopoint: The creator of the Willie Horton ad is going all out for Mitt Romney. Romney, unlike the remaining Republican candidates, has served no time in Washington. Yet he’s relying on a media offensive managed by operatives who have long been at […]

The Longest Week: Brands as Curators

Link: The Longest Week: Brands as Curators Curators = Humans Via @joshsternberg: Just published a piece on Digiday about how brands are stepping up their curation game and what it means for consumers of content, as well as consumers of the brand. Brands need to be careful in not only […]

How Stuff Works: How SOPA Works

Link: How Stuff Works: How SOPA Works Piracy — and more specifically the threat of foreign sites hosting pirated material — is the primary focus of a piece of United States legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Representative Lamar Smith from Texas introduced SOPA, also known as H.R. […]


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