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Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint! Original… | KoPoint

@KoPoint is partnering with the @BeerDiplomacy podcast. Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint! Original… | KoPoint. Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint!Original Release:[EP94] King Leo Laporte Strikes BackOriginally recorded March 19, 2012Your host: Stuart TracteThis week, we get to chat with Leo LaPorte of the TWiT Network. It […]

KoPoint News Podcast | KoPoint

KoPoint News Podcast | KoPoint. After weeks of practice we’re almost ready to go! KoPoint will be recording one of our first regular podcasts tonight. Marc Lizoain of Urtak and Dan Patterson of KoPoint will do a newsy and topical, question and answer program. Each week we’ll discuss a major topic in the news and use Urtak data to figure […]


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