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The Redline: EP00 Pre-Pilot Demo: The State of News & Politics

Dan Patterson:

“Tighten the fuck up.” ‘Nuff said.

Originally posted on The Redline:

The Redline is getting closer to our inaugural season of episodes. We’ll launch with a limited run of 4 – 6 episodes. Each episode will contain news headlines, a topical discussion, and individual link picks. A few weeks ago Doc, Greg, and myself sat down to record a pre-pilot beta episode. While The Redline is an amateur and collaborative project, we’d like the final product to sound prepared and professional. We’re in no rush to launch an sloppy, low-quality show and rehearsal episodes have helped us figure out our content and personality flow.

Doc and I first collaborated on KBHU-FM, our college radio station. We practiced and worked hard, but were young, inexperienced, and far from ideal broadcasters. Even after we got the hang of radio hosting, after a solid talkset my radio mentor, Dave Diamond, used to phone the studio to let us know his thoughts. I have…

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The Redline: Our Legendary & Award-Winning Series of Life Lessons

Dan Patterson:

We got the band back together for another podcast shout. Stay tuned.


Originally posted on The Redline:


My name is @DanPatterson. I’m a journalist and technologist. No one has ever accused me of being witty, but I’ll try my best in the form of brevity:

The Redline is a podcast about politics and policy created by a few friends for the sake of creating something interesting together. Doc, Greg, and I have waxed geek and produced radio programs and podcasts together since the mid-1990s. While  The Redline [dot biz] is simply a fun and amateur project, our desire is to deliver interesting conversation and informative pod prod in a tight package.

We hope you like it. Thanks for listening.

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The Minecraft Book!: Minecraft Book Update, 12/22

Link: The Minecraft Book!: Minecraft Book Update, 12/22


The Zombie Apocalypse begins underground

The Zombie Apocalypse begins in a Cave.

Just an update. We are currently putting the finishing touches on The Minecraft Book: An Essential Guide for New and Returning Players. As we finish, we are bringing more folks into the mix to work on layout and formatting for not just one…


KoPoint: Beer Diplomacy, EP 111 – Year In Review (Call Me)



Beer Diplomacy, EP 111 – Year In Review (Call Me)

Happy Holidays! This week, for a bonus episode of Beer Diplomacy, host Stuart Tracte and guests Mark Lizoain of Urtak and Dan Patterson of none other than KoPoint recap their most memorable moments of 2012. Topics include some of the top news, music, television, and pop culture stories of the year. The show wraps up by asking the question, “are you better off at the end of 2012 than you were at the beginning?”

Well? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below, and by participating in our Urtak poll: Are You Better Off This Year Than Last Year? https://urtak.com/u/65704

Music in this episode is provided as context and commentary, and used for non-commercial purposes.

Listen to more great shows by subscribing to KoPoint on iTunes.

Thanks for listening.

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KoPoint’s First Annual Spooktacular!

Dan Patterson:

This episode was a ton of fun to produce, and the definition of collaboration and teamwork. Dan (Andrlik), Quentin, and I shared show ideas for several weeks, and a lot of time together on Skype developing and crafting this episode.

I’m really proud to be able to post this episode, and grateful to my friends and creative conspirators for their work. As Hurricane Sandy crashed in to the East Coast, severing access to power, water, and communication Quentin stepped up to cut the final spooky mix. Dan marked up the notes with precise references.

Thanks for listening and happy Halloween!

Originally posted on KoPoint:

Happy Halloween!

Editor’s note:
This episode was recorded by myself, Dan Patterson, and Dan Andrlik, and lovingly edited by Quentin Lewis and Dan Andrlik. The shownotes were composed by Mr. Andrlik. The three of us have been friends since the early-1990’s and we’ve worked on many personal creative projects together. This episode was another great collaboration between old friends. We recorded this episode a week prior to Halloween. Due to Hurricane Sandy, electricity and internet access in New York City have been rare commodities. Dan and Quentin fearlessly (yeah, pun intended) jumped in to action, learned to edit audio on the fly, and cut this beautiful episode sans my editorial or technical input. I couldn’t be more grateful of their work or proud of their creation! – DHP


We’re starting an annual tradition here…

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Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint! Original… | KoPoint

@KoPoint is partnering with the @BeerDiplomacy podcast.

Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint! Original… | KoPoint.

Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint!
Original Release: http://beerdiplomacytv.com/2012/03/29/ep94-king-leo-strikes-back/
[EP94] King Leo Laporte Strikes Back
Originally recorded March 19, 2012
Your host: Stuart Tracte
This week, we get to chat with Leo LaPorte of the TWiT Network. It is a very intimate discussion with Leo. It is surely not the usual fare for Uncle Leo. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.
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KoPoint News Podcast | KoPoint

KoPoint News Podcast | KoPoint.

After weeks of practice we’re almost ready to go! KoPoint will be recording one of our first regular podcasts tonight. Marc Lizoain of Urtak and Dan Patterson of KoPoint will do a newsy and topical, question and answer program.

Each week we’ll discuss a major topic in the news and use Urtak data to figure out what normal people think.

We’ll broadcast the first episode on Google Plus as a Hangout until we figure out our streaming options.Keep an eye on http://twitter.com/kopoint for more information.


KoPoint: The KoPoint Minecraft Project – Introduction

Link: KoPoint: The KoPoint Minecraft Project – Introduction


This is my avatar in Minecraft

Welcome to the KoPoint Minecraft Project.

In the near future, we will begin posting on the game called Minecraft, by Mojang. If you are not familiar with the game, it is definitely worth a try. A synopsis of the game: you wake up one day in a deserted world. Your job is not just to…