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KoPoint Election Coverage

Link: KoPoint Election Coverage


KoPoint will host live broadcast election coverage event on Tuesday, November 6th. Our broadcast will begin on http://live.kopoint.com around 5pm ET. The event will be hosted on Google+ and streamed as a Hangout.

More information on the KoPoint blog:http://blog.kopoint.com/2012/11/02/kopoint-2012-election-coverage/

Official website:http://live.kopoint.com

The KoPoint Political Explainer – Silly Season With Creepy Sleepy Edition

Link: The KoPoint Political Explainer – Silly Season With Creepy Sleepy Edition


The KoPoint Political Explainer returns as Creepy Sleepy to discuss ‘Silly Season,’ the summer before the political conventions. Our legendary duo Doc and Dan are joined in conversation with journalist and former CIA officer Jack Rice to revive the Institution of Creepy Sleepy, and hybridize it with the KoPoint Political Explainer to produce yet another incarnation of the long loved and long missed classic series. The trio discuss the nomination of Mitt Romney and the impact of the economy on the election.

KoPoint: Current GOP Primary Delegate Count

Link: KoPoint: Current GOP Primary Delegate Count


In the race for 1144 to secure the Republican nomination all four GOP candidates still have plenty to go to be home free. Mitt Romney currently leads the pack with roughly 432 secured and/or estimated (due to non-binding caucus events), Rick Santorum in second with nearly 182 secured and/or…

GOP Delegate Count


In the race for 1144 to secure the Republican nomination all four GOP candidates still have plenty to go to be home free. Mitt Romney currently leads the pack with roughly 432 secured and/or estimated (due to non-binding caucus events), Rick Santorum in second with nearly 182 secured and/or…

KoPoint: Current GOP Primary Delegate Count

Super Tuesday Video


Is Super Tuesday Really All That Super?

KoPoint: Super Tuesday by The Numbers (Poll)

Link: KoPoint: Super Tuesday by The Numbers (Poll)


Want to know what the playing field looks like before Super Tuesday kicks off tomorrow? Check out the work that the Washington Post has put together here.

Looking over recent polls it looks like things will be rather interesting as Rick Santorum is positioned to potentially glide to victory…

Politico: Megadeth frontman backs Rick Santorum

Link: Politico: Megadeth frontman backs Rick Santorum



Dave Mustaine, leader of the heavy metal band Megadeth, is ready to rock out for Rick Santorum.

“Earlier in the election, I was completely oblivious as to who Rick Santorum was, but when the dude went home to be with his daughter when she was sick, that was very commendable,” Mustaine recently told MusicRadar.com.  “…You know, I think Santorum has some presidential qualities, and I’m hoping that if it does come down to it, we’ll see a Republican in the White House… and that it’s Rick Santorum.”

Weighing in on the rest of the field, Mustaine called Newt Gingrich an “angry little man” and said Ron Paul will “make total sense for a while, and then he’ll say something so way out that it negates everything else.”

Keep Reading On Politico -»

Slate: How Do You Rig a Straw Poll?

Link: Slate: How Do You Rig a Straw Poll?


Answer: buy all of the seats in the house. Great election character analysis from @Slate:

Rick Santorum at CPACStraw polls, by definition, are nonbinding, so they have fewer rules than do real elections. And unlike opinion polls conducted by national organizations such as Gallup and Pew Research, a straw poll isn’t supposed to be a random sample of the population. Instead, those polled at events such as CPAC and the Ames Straw Poll are simply the people who happen to show up. That means the candidate who turns out the largest number of backers will win. One easy way to get out the straw vote is to buy up a bunch of tickets, then hand them out for free to your supporters. Paying for their transportation to the event can’t hurt. And wining and dining them once they’re there is always a nice touch. Since the CPAC straw poll typically involves about 3,500 people, you might only need to pay for a few hundred voters to tilt the poll in your favor.

Doc Stodden – Campaign 2012 KoPoint Political Explainer- MiniTuesday Edition


This is the final episode of KoPoint Political Explainer, Season 1. This is a long show, and contains our show’s new Anthem. In this episode, we discuss the state of the GOP and the conservative movement in general, in the second Week of February, 2012. We also discuss what a convention is, and describe Libertarianism.

I would like to thank Chris Poirier, Erik McDonel and Dan Patterson for their participation in the show. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

1) Element: Show Intro and Minituesday Preview
Ramp: Kissramp, from Prince, “Kiss”

2) Element: Chris Poirier Intro
Talkset- Chris Poirier: “KPPE Commentary- What is a Convention”
Bed: Riddimperialism- “Rhapsody in Dub feat CKLM” downloaded from openwiremusic.com

3) Element) This is Ko Point Sweeper (Greg, Paul and Miret)
Ramp: Crackemanramp taken from Stone Temple Pilots “Where’s Mary” and “Crackerman”

4) Talkset: MiniTuesday Review
Bed- King Dubby, “Searching the Dub” downloaded from openmusicwire.com

5) Element: Onestonesweep
Ramp: Romneyramp, taken from K’Naan’s “Somalia”

6)Element: Erik McDonel Intro
Talkset: Erik McDonel “What is Libertarianism”
Bed: Guineo, “Showing Me”, downloaded from opsound.org

7) Element: KoPointSweepVic
Ramp: Gorillaramp, taken from Gorilla Biscuits’ “Gorilla Biscuits”

8) Element- Dan Patterson Intro
Talkset: Dan Patterson “Notes from the Trail, CPAC Coverage”
Bed: LR60 and Mr Moods- “Silently”, downloaded from openmusicwire.com

9) Element: Ko Short ID
Ramp: Jump Around Ramp, taken from House of Pain’s “Jump Around”

10) Talkset: “KoPoint Commentary: Civil Conflict within the GOP”
Bed: Electro Nick, “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest” downloaded from openmusicwire.com

11) Element; KP Sweep Hansen
Ramp: Imthemanramp, taken from Nashwille Pussy’s “I’m the Man”

12) Element: MiniTuesday Closer
Bed: “Take it Like a Man” by The Offspring

13) Element Kopointshortsweepamanda
Element: KPPE Anthem, “Nerd Corps” by Adam WarRock

14) Element: Outro

US Capitol


The Capitol from Union Station (Taken with instagram)


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