The Troubleshooter: Trouble in the Black Hills by Dave Diamond

Dan Patterson:

Last month I went to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and  helped Diamond – my radio and broadcasting mentor –  to get his digital presence up to spend, and his classic books published as ebooks. Through the week he banged out this classic Western adventure story. The Troubleshooter is re-worked from a series Diamond wrote in the ’70’s called Slade. Diamond wrote most of the copy in Trouble in the Black Hills – a classic western adventure, and a fast, fun read – over coffee and bourbon while riding out a blizzard in South Dakota this past September.

Originally posted on Dave Diamond: The Diamond Mine:

the_trouble_shooter_coverGreetings, friends, fans, and colleagues of the Diamond! We’re excited to announce that Diamond has completed his first fiction novel in several years, The Troubleshooter: Trouble in the Black Hills!

Here’s a blurb:

Dave Diamond returns to form with this classic western series The Troubleshooter. Starring Slim Winner, Trouble in the Black Hills, is an action-packed adventure story that chases cowboys, claim-jumpers, and outlaws from the Badlands to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

Diamond will soon update this site with a few blog posts about the writing process. In the mean time, you can read a free sample of the book here, and you can purchase Trouble in the Black Hills in the Amazon Kindle store (Apple iBooks, coming soon)!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned!

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Tall in the Saddle: Riding out a Blizzard with Black Hills Ranchers

After Losing Almost 100,000 Cattle to the Storm of the Century, South Dakota Ranchers Rebuild with Stoic Pride


I recently returned to my home of six years, the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. During my visit, the region was struck by a great and powerful blizzard.  The storm was massive and over the course of four days dumped almost four feet of snow, cut power to thousands, and killed almost 100,000 cattle on the open range.

I wrote about the experiencing the blizzard and the storm’s ongoing impact on local ranchers.

Here’s the Medium link:

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#SXSW Interactive vs. #Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: You Choose

The Rapid City Journal tells me that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is expanding it’s brand and coming east this year.  As a South Dakotan-turned-Brooklynite I greet this news as nothing if not amazing.  And as a cowboy-come-technologist headed to this year’s SXSW Interactive festival I find no better opportunity than an expansion of Sturgis during the madness of SXSW for a cultural mashup poll.

In the cowboy corner we have the legendary, biker-and-beer fueled #Sturgis, featuring 1.5 million dudes on Hogs descending on a town of 8,000 people in the Black Hills of South Dakota for a week of butt-rawk, bikes, and booze.  Vote Sturgis if you’re all about beer, babes, and bikes.


In the techie corner we have a techno-weird land of awesome parties, startups, slacks, and bloggers.  If you like showing up to ‘work’ at 11am, lots of stock options, and ambiguous business models vote SXSW.



Okay, now trim that mustache and toss some organic salad for the great Sturgis vs. SXSW cultural mashup!

Photos: The Black Hills, Circa 1890

I spent many years of my life in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  Though remote, the Black Hills are one of the most historic, spiritual, and beautiful regions of North America.

My good friend Erik Schwartz shared these images.  For the full set, check the Denver Post website.


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