Creepy Sleepy

Creepy Sleepy: What Practice Sounds Like

Creepy Sleepy: What Practice Sounds Like

The Creepy Sleepy Show began in earnest in late August 2004.   My colleague and friend Doc Stodden and I spent a considerable amount of time conceiving of, ‘clocking’ (the process of marking each minute in a radio hour), producing, then executing a two-hour radio program for KBHU FM. By the third episode we realized that by recording then hosting on a KBHU server and wrapping the files in XML we were also engaging in the emerging medium of podcasting.

The Creepy Sleepy Show continued to grow over two semesters and in the spring of 2005 ‘graduated’ to full-time podcast status. In 2006 Creepy Sleepy signed a distribution deal with Adam Curry’s then-rising start-up Podshow (now Mevio). Later that year Creepy Sleepy covered the South Dakota mid-term election and was featured a number of times on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Creepy Sleepy continues to operate as a podcast and media collective, and recently reemerged as a co-operative news website.


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