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I worked for ABC News Radio as the Digital Platform Manager from September 2008 – January 2012.

Primary responsibilities: Digital platform development. My primary role was the creation of websites and data platforms that housed and distributed podcasts, live audio, video interviews, and other forms of digital media. I also headed up the social media team, and worked to create beneficial business relationships with various partners.

Secondary responsibilities: Reporting. As a journalist I employed digital media to cover high profile events and conduct interviews of technology industry leaders, media personalities and United Nations dignitaries.

* Built and maintained the Affiliate Text News Syndication Website (distributing content to ABC Radio affiliate websites),, as well as handling the business aspect of the program.
* Created and launched ABC News Radio’s first B2C websites, generating millions of pageviews from hundreds of thousands of unique visitors over a 2 year period.
* Created and launched @ABC and @abcnewsradio twitter accounts (1.42M and 2800 followers respectively).
* Created and maintained the ABC News Radio Facebook Page, @abcnewsradio Twitter Account, Google + Page, Tumblr accounts, and other social media accounts.
* Trained the ABC News Radio team in the utilization of social media and best useage practices.
* Owned and operated the first ABC News short url ( through the launch of ABC’s social media presence.


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