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Break on Through: Remembering The Diamond


The studio light would blink. I’d answer the phone, expecting a buzzed request for Metallica or Aerosmith. “KDDX, this is Dan.” “Dan. This is Diamond. Tighten the fuck up!” Click. In a radio studio the phone never rings, but the light is always blinking. Nighttime radio is great. Broadcasting from the Black […]

The New KoPoint


Originally posted on KoPoint:
KoPoint makes podcasts about business, politics, comic books, technology, and zombies. iTunes | RSS | Newsletter Our goal is to improve the emotional connection between you and the content you consume. Time spent listening is more important that clicks on a website. Welcome to KoPoint Season Two. The new KoPoint website is live, and new…

Podcasting From KoPoint on Election Night


Originally posted on KoPoint:
After a long and dirty trail, the campaign ends here, with KoPoint‘s live election night coverage. This audio and video podcast summarizes peak moments of election coverage from the KoPoint studio in New York City. Election night highlights include: Live reports from Obama HQ in Chicago filed byJustin Duckham of Talk…

1938 News | KoPoint

1938 News | KoPoint KoPoint comrade Loren Feldman has launched a simple and elegant news aggregation + commentary site called 1938 News. Loren’s 1938 brand is known for it’s brutally honest riffs on tech and culture. Anyone who knows Loren knows smart as hell, sharp as nails, and has the heart of a puppy […]

Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint! Original… | KoPoint

@KoPoint is partnering with the @BeerDiplomacy podcast. Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint! Original… | KoPoint. Beer Diplomacy is now part of @KoPoint!Original Release:[EP94] King Leo Laporte Strikes BackOriginally recorded March 19, 2012Your host: Stuart TracteThis week, we get to chat with Leo LaPorte of the TWiT Network. It […]


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