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Break on Through: Remembering The Diamond


The studio light would blink. I’d answer the phone, expecting a buzzed request for Metallica or Aerosmith. “KDDX, this is Dan.” “Dan. This is Diamond. Tighten the fuck up!” Click. In a radio studio the phone never rings, but the light is always blinking. Nighttime radio is great. Broadcasting from the Black […]

Kinja: Writing on StudioAtGawker


This spring I wrote a few posts for Gawker’s content studio, StudioAtGawker. Part of Gawker’s Kinja platform, StudioAtGawker is an experimental blend of editorially-generated native advertising. From Phone Phreaks To The NSA: A Brief History of Modern Hacking Lulzsec, lifehacks, script kiddies, and The NSA: hacking is now totally ubiquitous […]


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