This spring I wrote a few posts for Gawker's content studio, StudioAtGawker. Part of Gawker's Kinja platform, StudioAtGawker is an experimental blend of editorially-generated native advertising.

From Phone Phreaks To The NSA: A Brief History of Modern Hacking

Lulzsec, lifehacks, script kiddies, and The NSA: hacking is now totally ubiquitous in media and culture, and it has changed much of our behavior, both online and off. Gamers in particular have been informed by hacker history since the days of Konami, and hacking is one of the most creative ways to problem-solve, meaning the difference between victory and failure in tough gaming situations.

Being Your Own Boss Made Easier: Five Ways to Maximize the Cloud

Being your own boss is great: you set your own schedule and work on projects you love, whether you're at home in your pajamas or suited up in a meeting. But managing the business, keeping track of receipts, and staying organized can be tedious — unless you use the cloud to maximum advantage. Microsoft's OneDrive is a platform for business and personal use, and an excellent place for everything in your life. It works with a number of apps made specifically to help freelancers and small-business owners stay efficient and organized. Here are a few.

How Stephen Courtney and the Dyson Team Invented the DC65

While the promise of jetpacks has yet to be delivered, engineers like Dyson's Head of New Product Innovation, Stephen Courtney, are inventing sophisticated machines that bring future-thinking technology to the home. His latest Dyson model, the DC65, is the product of relentless testing and provides a glimpse into how people like Stephen Courtney and the rest of the Dyson team will design the future.