Politics, The Economy, and Tech Journalism

2 thoughts on “Politics, The Economy, and Tech Journalism”

  1. Interesting, how does this reflect on prior news media as it osculates and finds a balance; Print is too old, Cable news is too flashy, Talk radio is too biased. Now we are to say blogging is too shallow?

    1. Oh, I’m not excusing cable news. I’m saying that many of the major tech blogs are worse than cable news. Many major tech blogs simply re-write press releases. Cable news pundits maybe be insufferable, but at least their opinions are their own. Ironically this gives them a ton more credibility than most of the tech blogs you read every day.

      ‘Blogging,’ however, is neither shallow or deep. It’s a medium. Just like cable TV, talk radio, newspapers, etc.

      I’m saying that most (but surely not ALL) tech outlets are cowardly, trivial, and shallow.

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