The KoPoint News Hot Clock

Dan Patterson:

Each day we add new stuff and tighten the shows.

Originally posted on KoPoint:

Each week KoPoint works to iterate and improve our audio product.

First we built the infrastructure (January, Febuary), then we built the studio (March). Next we produced and released shows (April, May). In late-May and early-June we bagan recording live-to-tape. This means that we included all audio elements live, during the recording process, and added very few elements in post-production. Shows were a bit buggy, but also a lot more exciting.

We’re now streaming some shows live via the KoPoint Google+ page, and we’ve started working on KoPoint Live, our dedicated live audio and video page.

This week’s KoPoint News program will be recorded and streamed live. Additionally, we’re tightening the program by adding production elements designed around specific show segments. We’re also curating the conversation by integrating the KoPoint Reddit page as well as an episode-specific Urtak question.

Below is an example of the KoPoint News hot…

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