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Dan Patterson:

So: today we launched the KoPoint website.

Originally posted on KoPoint:

Hi there. This is KoPoint. Welcome to Season One.

KoPoint is an audio-based news magazine and media content creator based in New York City.

Each day of the week KoPoint produces an original round-table talk program on topics ranging from news and politics, to comic books and games. Additionally, KoPoint contributors create original news reports from places like the UN, the campaign, SXSW, ComicCon, and other political, cultural and technology-related events.

We’ve received a small amount of funding from SumAll. SumAll has also provided us with much of our broadcast gear, as well as our warm recording environment. Other launch partners include audio hosting platform SoundCloud, and The Talk Radio News Service.

Our About page contains more information about who we are, our partners, and our production process.

KoPoint’s strength is in our team. We’ll make mistakes, sure. Our mics will creak and our voices will crack. You’ll hear trucks rumbling down…

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