SXSW ’12, the Quick and Dirty Takeaway: “He Had A Lot To Say”

4 thoughts on “SXSW ’12, the Quick and Dirty Takeaway: “He Had A Lot To Say””

  1. I’ve never been, but I always follow SXSW on Twitter with a certain amount of morbid curiosity. Your take seems to confirm something I noticed, which is that no big themes have emerged from the noise. Last year it was all about gamification and group messaging, and say what you will about the ridiculousness of those as important themes, but at least they were big topics of conversation. Maybe it’s just the particular bubble I’m in, but I’m not sensing any of that this year.

    Anyway, thanks for the writeup.

    1. Morbid curiosity is a great way to describe SXSWi. It’s essential on sum level, fun on another, and a grotesque display of commercialism and marketing on yet another.

      On one hand, I enjoy going and don’t want to take the experience for granted. There are a ton of good people who’d love to attend and would get a lot out of the experience. On the other, who really enjoys blatant pandering and marketing?

      SXSW this year was weird. ‘No big theme’ (save, jump the shark) was certainly the theme.

  2. It’s weird because I felt a similar feeling that you described, but couldn’t really put into words. This was my third time attending, and I decided to be “unofficial” but not having a badge (but ended up going to a few films), and the films welcomed a sense of stillness in the midst of geeked creative chaos. This year was just SO HUGE. Even a great growth from the first one I attended in 2010. I had intentions of connecting with the massive amount of contacts I had acquired, and forgetting the “don’t plan or schedule” rule, ended up connecting with NO ONE. I felt unaccomplished, and without purpose…

    …But as I returned to NYC, I too felt a sense of melancholy as well as peace (as I always feel when I come back really calm and happy and looking at people around me in NYC with their scowling faces…lol), I realized that I learned more than I thought by just taking everything in without pressure or remorse. I fear next year (for the marketers punching you in the face like a repeating nighttime infomercial), but also feel excited. I have even been trying to spread the gospel of motivation, and connecting as I returned home.

    So I say ALL that to say, thank you for writing this, as I feel I’m not the only that felt {insert fitting phase here} about SX. lol.

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