Social/Media Campaign 2012

In 2007 and 2008, during the emergence of social media, I covered the presidential campaign for the Talk Radio News Service. Tomorrow I depart for a few weeks on the road covering the 2012 campaign.

Some of my time  – particularly early in the primary process – will be spent creating content independently for the KoPoint Wire. I’ll also do some fun stuff alongside SoundCloud, Talk Radio News, Americans Elect, and a few smaller organizations. Twitter and Google+ will be my primary status platforms, I’ll push audio reports and tour thoughts to my SoundCloud account, use Tumblr to curate campaign related social news, post photos and snapshots to Instagram, and summarize social campaign content with Storify.

I’ve long maintained that social media represents the democratization of the dissemination of information. The next few weeks are sure to be intense, but I’m incredibly excited about digging deep concurrently in to both politics and emerging media. Our team will be traveling the east coast and I’ll spend as much time on the streets talking with social media voters. I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on the impact of social media on politics.

Take care. See you soon.

Campaign Summary on Storify ->>

– Dan


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