A Few Thoughts on Interviews and an Updated List

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on Interviews and an Updated List”

  1. I’d love to hear that Willie Nelson interview! You’ve got a helluva list of names there, friend. From the few I have heard, you have a wonderful way with words and ask thought provoking questions in a conversational, non confrontational manner. I hope to hear many and more awesome interviews from you, Dan.

    1. Thanks, Stwo – I appreciate your nice words.

      The Willie Nelson interview was an article, so there’s no audio – but if I can track down the text I’ll create a post and link to it.

      My first goal was simply to create and post this list (compiled over this past weekend). The next goal is to attache media (mostly audio, but some video) to each post. The final goal will be to link from this list to each respective interview.

      As I compile I’ll Tweet links to the list and each media item.

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