Quick Thoughts About The Strokes, ‘Angles’, and Rock

This post is from a Facebook comment thread about The Strokes new record ‘Angles’. [Pitchfork Link]

Cover of "Is This It"

The Strokes - "Is This It"

I was working in college radio when ‘The Modern Age’ and ‘Is This It’ were released. Bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes were hyped more than any band deserves, no doubt. But keep in mind that this was the day and age of CreedleBack, Puddle of Poo, and Nicklesuck. ‘Is This It’ was not a breath of fresh air, it was as though rocknfuckinroll had finally found it’s balls and decided to #AmpTo11. While some may hate the hype – hell, we ALL hated the hype – none can detract from the honest and fun rocknroll ejaculated by The Strokes in under 35 mins and 10 tracks. Everyone says The Strokes sounded like the Velvets and it’s true, their aesthetics aped a ‘modern age’ long since gone. But mostly The Strokes sounded like rocknroll. Let’s not so quickly forget that sound this time around.