#SXSW Interactive vs. #Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: You Choose

The Rapid City Journal tells me that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is expanding it’s brand and coming east this year.  As a South Dakotan-turned-Brooklynite I greet this news as nothing if not amazing.  And as a cowboy-come-technologist headed to this year’s SXSW Interactive festival I find no better opportunity than an expansion of Sturgis during the madness of SXSW for a cultural mashup poll.

In the cowboy corner we have the legendary, biker-and-beer fueled #Sturgis, featuring 1.5 million dudes on Hogs descending on a town of 8,000 people in the Black Hills of South Dakota for a week of butt-rawk, bikes, and booze.  Vote Sturgis if you’re all about beer, babes, and bikes.


In the techie corner we have a techno-weird land of awesome parties, startups, slacks, and bloggers.  If you like showing up to ‘work’ at 11am, lots of stock options, and ambiguous business models vote SXSW.



Okay, now trim that mustache and toss some organic salad for the great Sturgis vs. SXSW cultural mashup!