Dane Atkinson – Squarespace CEO – to Leave Company

Dane Atkinson – Squarespace CEO – to Leave Company:

Today my good friend, Dane Atkinson – CEO of Squarespace – announced that he will be leaving the company.  My best wishes to him, to Squarespace founder and incoming CEO Anthony Casalena, and the entire Squrespace team.  While I’m sad to see a good friend leave a company I love, I’m excited to see what he and the company will do next.  

On a personal note, I couldn’t be more happy and excited for Dane.  For the past two years Dane has been a close friend, advisor, business partner, and mentor.  The tech industry is full of brilliant leaders and Dane is no exception.  But in an industry overcrowded with venture capital, greed, and mindless ambition, Dane represents only the most positive professional and human characteristics.

I couldn’t be more thrilled for him and am stoked to see what he and Squarespace does next! 

Read Dane’s Full Post on the Squarespace Blog

It is with great pride that I announce today that Anthony Casalena, our founder, will be taking over as the CEO of Squarespace moving forward. 

 It has been a pleasure seeing people’s dreams supported by our service.  Keep an eye on the company as it is headed toward exciting things!