creepysleepy: I’ve been pursuing a very similar local radio + tech concept at @abcnewsradio for quite a while.  I’m a strong believer that the tech/commenter chattering class is the same as or very similar chattering class of talk radio and talk radio listeners.  Wilson’s move is indeed a very interesting development… When Bill Wilson was in charge of content at AOL, he launched dozens of niche sites under their own sub-brands—everything from Daily Finance to country-music site The Boot. Last February, Wilson left AOL and landed at Townsquare Media, a radio company which owns 171 local stations. As the chief digital officer at Townsquare, he is bringing some of the niche media strategy he developed at AOL, along with hiring a crew of former colleagues, and applying it to Townsquare’s local radio websites. Keep Reading on TechCrunch