creepysleepy: Hello, and welcome to Tumblr Tuesday!  Each Tuesday Tumblr asks it’s users to recommend one of their favorite bloggers for the Directory.  Creepy Sleepy is a group blog and each week we recommend one of our various contributors on Tumblr.  In previous weeks we’ve highlighted Greg Hollingsworth and Josh Sternberg.  This week we’re asking you to recommend Doc Stodden. Doc is a an old and great friend of mine.  In 2004 Doc and I helped launch the Creepy Sleepy Show.  He has gone on to attain fame and fortune in the academic world and is currently completing his PhD in International Relations.  Doc’s blog, the New Haberdasher, is smart, well-written, and one of the most articulate political blogs on Tumblr.  For these reasons all of the Creepy Sleepy contributors are recommending Doc and if you’re a fan of smart politics we humbly ask that you do the same. Thanks! – DHP Recommend Doc Stodden in Politics on Tumblr