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Interview With Chris Anderson [Wired,'The Long Tail'] on 'Free'

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Originally posted at ABC News Radio Online.

On Wednesday, July 8th I sat down with Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired magazine and author of ‘The Long Tail,’ to discuss his latest book ‘Free: The Future of a Radical Price.’

Chris and I sat down in a mid-town Manhattan conference room to discuss the ideas behind the book.

While we did discuss the book itself, we spent quite a bit of time discussing books as ideas, where ‘Free’ fits in the Long Tail, and how the concept of Free has been misunderstood.

Chris defined ‘free’ in the context gratis, ‘Freemium’ models, advertising around Free, and explained how he belives Free will drive demand for ansciliary products.

We also touched on Free in developing economies like Africa and Asia, and how Piracy might actually be a good thing.

I’m not particularly interested in controversy – on or offline, but I am curious about the amorpheus nature of citation on the web (in this case Wikipedia), transparency, trust, and ‘authority.’ To this point Chris and I also touched on the plagiarism controversy that erupted shortly before the book’s launch, and how Chris responded.

Finally, Chris and I discussed the future of Big Ideas, and why his next book won’t be an Internet book.

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Disclosure:Free‘ is published by Hyperion Books – a division of Disney. Disney is the parent company of ABC News, my employeer.


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