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Creepy Sleepy Show 151: The Final Episode

Creepy Sleepy Show: August 2004 – July 2009

Independent Music, Independent Politics – Our Victory is Imminent


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This is the final episode of the legendary and award winning series of life lessons know as the Creepy Sleepy Show.

This show was recorded in April, 2009 and was produced by Doc and Dan. The episode features the talented Quentin Lewis, Kasondra BrookeCathy Brooks, Dave Goodchild, and Dan Berkowitz.

We discuss the convergence of digital and traditional media, play rocknroll music, and feature a highligh reel of Doc and Dan’s best production.

Creepy Sleepy owes much in style, substance, support, and inspiration to our listeners, contemporaries, and mentors. While I am tempted to write an exhaustive post-mortumn on the life and death of Creepy Sleepy, I will leave you with simple this: Thanks.

Our Victory is (still) Imminent:

Creepy Sleepy Lives -This feed (and the show itself) will never die. This RSS feed will be updated with a ‘Best of Creepy Sleepy’ episodes and production. We’re also stoked to present our 2004 – 05 KBHU terrestrial radio archive – three dozen two-hour episodes from Doc and Dan’s early years on Creepy Sleepy.

Creepy Sleepy Photo Archive – Pictures of Creepy Sleepy from 2004 – 2009

Creepy Sleepy circa 2004, The Beginning: Doc and Dan Play GO Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson Play GO

Creepy Sleepy circa 2005 – The Diamond Mine

Creepy Sleepy circa 2005 – Derek Jackson, Josh Wolff, Hugh Tweedy, Dan Patterson, Josh Cooke Creeps say goodbye to Hugh1.jpg

Creepy Sleepy circa 2006 – DJ Raspy raspy

Creepy Sleepy circa 2005 – Will Prentice, Josh Cooke, Hugh Tweedy Willie Cooke and Hugh on Creepy Sleepy

Creepy Sleepy circa 2006 – DJ Raspy, Thom Gorder, Mike Salchert, Little Willie, Dan Patterson, Doc Stodden The Spearfish Gang - SNG

Creepy Cleepy circa 2007 – Curtis and Little Willie Curtis and Willie on Creepy Sleepy

Creepy Sleepy circa 2007 – DHP NYC

dhp 34th st subway and a creepy sleepy sticker july 07

Creepy Sleepy circa 2007 – Tommy the Silent and Curtis! creepy thom and creepy curt

Creepy Sleepy circa 2008 – Dana Hawco, Nicole St. Clair, Quentin Lewis, Doc Stodden, Greg Hollingsworth Creepy Sleepy ooVoo politics

Creepy Sleepy circa 2008 – The Democratic National Convention Creepy Sleepy Democratic Conventions 2008

Creepy Sleepy circa 2009 – The End

Creepy Sleepy Final Show - Gear

Creepy Sleepy circa 2009 – Our Victory is Imminent Creepy Sleepy Logo Button


Creepy Sleepy – 2004 – 2009

Dan Patterson

Doc Stodden

Our Victory is Imminent


*By ‘final’ Doc and Dan simply mean that we’ve decided to conclude the Creepy Sleepy Show before it’s actually finished. As you know, our victory is imminent and Creepy Sleepy will never actually die. However, it’s far more convenient for us to wrap the show now, wash our hands of it, and move on …before we’re actually ready to do any of those things. Dig? Dig.


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