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Creepy Sleepy Show 149 – Backstage at the RNC

This episode was produced, once again, by Doc – couldn’t have done it without him. Listen to the Doc-produced episode from the Democratic National Convention.

Creepy Sleepy Show 149 – Backstage at the RNC – Click to Listen

This show was recorded using Utterz during the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Full coverage from both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention can be found at Talk Radio News.

The production bit in this show were all produced in 2004 and 2005 during the Creepy Sleepy radio show on KBHU FM and podcast at Diamond Mine Media. Though long-time listeners may recall the spots, I’m happy Doc included them for the benefit of the new listener. The spots were produced with equal doses of care, and sarcastic irony. Ingest with caution.

On a final note, while this is not the last Creepy Sleepy Show, it is the last episode before I join ABC News. The format of Creepy Sleepy has evolved over the past 4 years. The show will continue through the 2008 General Election, and continue it’s evolution away from rants, and closer to analysis. I’ve matured as a producer, and as a team Doc and I have matured as commentators. I think I can speak for him in saying that Creepy Sleepy, though it’s lifespan may be finite, will be a far more interesting show as it continues it’s evolution.

Thanks for listening. You’re great.

- Dan Patterson

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Dan Patterson

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  1. Loved the video- gives one pause of what the whole Country could become if the Republicans remain in control- are we looking at riot police and separating the media from the protesters at every turn, to try to deny the fact that people might be unhappy or dissatisfied with the government? That is one of my biggest concerns. Public safety I understand- refusing to acknowledge dissent? Another issue altogether.


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