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Creepy Sleepy Show 141 – Live From Sudan


Creepy Sleepy Show 141 – Live From South Sudan

South Sudan People and Airplane

For three weeks in March, 2008 I traveled to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. In my role as correspondent for the Talk Radio News Service, I accompanied talk radio show hosts from around the United States to the Darfur region of Sudan.

This show, though long, is the real-time recordings of the journey from Switzerland to the Darfur region of South Sudan.

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The music on this episode is all original, live field recordings. Our first night in Sudan, we heard chanting and drumming from the darkness of the bush. Around a hut were several people singing, chanting and dancing.

Singing in South Sudan

More pictures from South Suda


The trip was lead by John Eibner and Gunnar Wiebalck of Christian Solidarity International. Gunnar and John are two of the most honest, self-less men I’ve ever met. If you want to personally help improve the lives of the people of South Sudan, I suggest making a donation to CSI. Their work directly helps people.

I was accompanied on the trip by radio hosts Thom Hartmann, Rusty Humphries, Joe Madison, Ellen Ratner, and Jack Rice. Through this episode, you hear their voices as well as mine.

This episode covers several intense experiences through Sudan, including the moment just after 100 South Sudanese men and women were freed from slavery.

Visit the Wikipedia page for more information on the war in South Sudan and Darfur

The audio from this episode was edited by William ‘Doc’ Stodden. Thank thank him greatly for both working hard on this, and for allowing me to step back and away from this project. His edit brings a fresh, outside perspective to the South Sudan / Darfur experience.

Donate to CSI.


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