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I signed up for Twitter a long time ago, futzed around a bit, then promptly forgot about the service. On a recent job-hunt on the web, I rediscovered the this gimicky but kinda cool app. In short, Twitter is a web 2.0 social network (in conjunction with Odeo, I think) that connects people via text messages and associated RSS feeds.

Alone, the service is kinda meh, but with the add the ability to embed feeds a la You Tube into other sites is kinda cool. I could have some fun blogging via text. Check out updates in the sidebar.

Anyone else have a Twitter? Add Creepy Sleepy as a friend!

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Dan Patterson

Journalist & Technologist

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  1. This has nothing to do with Twitter, but I recently stumbled upon a video of yours called “11:59:” on Youtube. I would just like to say that abortion is a very tricky subject to handle, and you’ve done a beautiful job in your approach… crap videos. The thing that those “neo-cons” will never get is that crap videos have the ability really shake those grass roots. Did you know that previous to FDR’s famed “Me, Scott, Tony Partying The Way We Did In High School” video blog, the American public was largely isolationist? I’m reminded of the famed Ben Franklin quote “Dude, I could totally change this country if my F-ing moms didn’t F with my browser settings.” I mean, crappy videos is what made “The Underground Railroad” mainstream. Tubman had a dream, an unquenchable desire for the attention of complete strangers, and a buddy who’s iBook came with iMovie and could sort of hold a camera. And now Canada has a black community. You, Dan Patterson, are doing for unwanted babies what the likes of Tubman, FDR, and Baron Von Bismark have done before you. You, just you, Dan Patterson, armed only with Radiohead bootlegs and a Sony Handicam can save us now. You tell them with pride. Scream your message from the rooftops. “I AM DAN, AND CRAPPY VIDEOS WILL NEVER DIE. DON’T TREAD ON ME, GOVERNOR ROUNDS! MY SOUNDTRACK WILL BE HEARD!” Godspeed humble servent of internet, country, and rep worth maintaining. Godspeed.


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